Top 10 Universities in the USA 2017

A great way to develop yourself is by going to the university. You will see new faces and make new friends that would last for a very long life. In fact, you will be able to now a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds or countries. Also, getting an admission into the university would give you an opportunity to live away from home.

The dream of a lot of people is to study in any of the best universities in the USA. If you are in this category, we have helped you select the top ten (10) universities in the USA where you can get your first, second or third degree from. Here we go:

1. The California Institute of Technology (CALTECH)
The California Institute of Technology, known as Caltech, is the rated the best in technology in the USA and the world. Over 30 of its alumni won noble prizes, and the university produced the popular Hollywood director, Frank Capra and one astronaut.

2. Harvard University
This is a renowned university both in the United States and the world. Harvard University is the top choice for many business students, and its MBA program is the best in the world. An average graduate of Harvard’s MBA would earn a better salary in the business world.

3. Stanford University
Stanford University is one of the top teaching and research institutes in the world. The university offers courses in the field of medicine, business, humanities, law, science, geography and education.

4. Princeton University
Princeton University is one of the top ten (10) universities in the USA and also the 4th oldest university in the USA. It is a prominent research university that offers undergraduate courses in engineering, social sciences, and humanities.

5. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
MIT is a private research institute in Cambridge Massachusetts. A university is a good option for students that seek a career in technology. Also, if you are interested in athletics, MIT could be university place to choose.

6. The University of Chicago
This university is a research-driven institute that was founded 37 years ago and has birthed great thinkers. The University of Chicago encourages innovation and offers 6 professional schools.

7. The University of California, Berkeley
It seems California is blessed with great universities. The University of California, Berkeley is where flu virus, Vitamin E and the lost opera of Scarlatti was discovered.

8. Yale University
This university is popular for producing 17 Supreme Court justices and 5 United States presidents. Yale University is a very wealthy academic institution that has a rich heritage and history. Did you know that residential colleges and mascots originated from this university? If you are offered admission into Yale University, then count yourself lucky.

9. Columbia University
Columbia University is known for the numerous prize and awards its alumni have won, which include Barack Obama. This university has 3 undergraduate schools and 13 graduate schools.

10. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
The UCLA is in Los Angeles and a university where you will get a wonderful experience in addition to the best education. If you have an interest in athletics, film or health science, then UCLA is a good option.


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