Cash Aid Portal | Earn 70% ROI in 10 Days

What is Cash Aid Portal?

Cash Aid Portal, (CAP) is a Peer-to-Peer Donation platform created out of a passion driven desire to create a Financial free and fair Society without Greed. We provide a whooping 70% Profit in just 10 Days with a very Friendly Recomitment plan. We intend to achieve this by Creating a Stable System where People would Safely participate without any fears. We are fully abreast with the recent Inconsistency in other Schemes but we take pride in providing a maximum service delivery and a Satisfactory experience. Our Core Values are clearly seen as we are Trust Worthy, Transparent and Consistent.

Indeed CAP Is making life worth Living


How Cash Aid Portal Works

This is a well Organized System that provides 70% Returns in 10 Days. You become a member by a free registration on our website or via a Referral link and you will be required to provide personal details and the Correct bank Account Details. Your Phone number is immediately Verified with a Unique SMS Code. After a Successful Registration, you are expected to make a donation. Donating is termed Give Aid (GA) while Receiving is termed Receive Aid (RA). Our Minimum GA is 5,000 and Maximum GA is 200,000. You are immediately matched to make a 30% Down-payment and Subsequently the Remaining 70% is matched anytime within 10 Days. Participants are expected to make payment, Click on the “Paid Button ” and Call the Recipient for Payment Confirmation. It is very important to know that Completed Transactions Can Not be Reversed. On this account, no payment should be Confirmed without thorough Verification . On the 10th Day of Maturity, you are immediately matched to Receive your Original Capital on Investment before you are required to Recommit only 30%. Upon Confirmation of your 30%, your 70% ROI is Paid to you. Please take note that CAP doesn’t permit Multiple Pledges in One Circle. Referral Bonus is 5% for Direct Referrals whereas Leaders earn an Additional 3% for Indirect Referrals. Note that it takes 30 Active Direct Referrals to become a Leader. Also there’s Speed Bonus for all Transactions completed within 3 Hours. In Case of any Dispute, Participants are Required to provide a Bank Account Statement which should be Signed, Stamped and cover the Period of the transaction. Lastly, any complaints should be directed to Support via their live Chat or E mail, [email protected]


Cash Aid Portal Dashboard

Bank Transfer Codes

How to transfer money and recharge phone from your bank account. (All banks)

  • 1. Access Bank: —- *901 *amount #
  • 2. EcoBank: — *326 * amount #
  • 3. Fidelity Bank:—- *770 * amount#
  • 4. FCMB: —- *389 *214 * amount#
  • 5. First Bank :—- *894 * amount#
  • 6. GTB : —- *737 * amount#
  • 7. Heritage Bank :—- *322 *030 *amount#
  • 8. Keystone Bank: —- *322 * 082 * amount#
  • 9. Skye Bank: —- *389 * 076 *1 *amount#
  • 10. Stanbic IBTC: —- *909 * amount#
  • 11. Sterling Bank: —- *822 * amount#
  • 12. UBA: —- *389 * 033 *1 *amount#
  • 13. Unity Bank: —- *322 * 215 * amount#
  • 14. Zenith Bank: —- *966 * amount#
  • 15. Zenith Bank :—- *302 * amount#
    (for MTN users)
  • 16. Diamond Bank (Yellow Acct. only):
    —- *710 * 555 * phone no * amount * PIN #
  • 17. To know your BVN, dial —- * 565 * 0 #


What is CAP?
CAP stands for Cash Aid Portal

What is GA?
GA stands for Give Aid

What is RA?
RA stands for Receive Aid

What makes CAP unique?

  • Ability to curb greed amongst participants and the fact that there is no head- admin in CAP.
  • Swift payment of payment order because everyone wants to earn the speed bonus.
  • Prompt attention from support
  • Good Recommitment plans to ensure sustainability.
  • No accumulation of Give-Aid in a particular account.
  • Site usability

What is Speed Bonus?
It’s an incentive awarded to both participants when they carry out their transactions within 3hrs of matching.

How long before I get paid in CAP?
You get paid in 10days

How much is the referral bonus?
Referral bonus is a one time 5% payment of the Give-Aid carried out by your downlines

Summarized Feature of this program

*C.A.P* is set to hit the peer-to-peer funding community with a big bang. *C.A.P* has come has simply come to accomplish the mission of putting smile on your face once again. Let’s right the wrongs.
  • 70% in 10 days
  • GA – Give Aid
  • RA – Receive Aid
  • Min. GA – #5,000
  • Max GA – #200,000
  • Referral bonus :5% Referral Bonus on direct downlines and 3% bonus indirect downlines for Leaders
  • 30% down payment, payable instantly.
  • 30% Re-commitment     before RA
  • No multiple GA in one account within a cycle
  • Speed bonus for completed transactions for both Giver and Receiver within 3hrs of order.
  • Time extension button
  • 48hrs payment window for Give-Aid
  • Intelligent and friendly Live support available


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